Why Should Every New Potter Take A Pottery Class?

With time, the way of learning has changed. To learn something new, people check out online videos and blogs instead of attending classes and learning face to face. But, if you wish to become a potter, then this way of learning won’t work. You cannot learn pottery with the help of online videos. Online videos will teach you techniques and tips but they won’t put their hands on yours and show how much pressure to apply and how the clay should feel at each stage. This can only be done by an instructor.

Not only is this but there many other reasons for every new potter to take a pottery class:

Receive hands-on training

Getting a feel for clay is very important to transform it into the desired shape. For this, the positioning of your hands and movement of clay through your fingers and hands matters.

The instructor watching you will make sure you use the right technique. Also, your elbows don’t mysteriously start flying up in the air or the pottery wheel doesn’t start spinning out of control. With an instructor, the first-time experience with clay will not be challenging.

Know about clay

Clays are not only different in colors but they are different in firing temperatures. Here, the most important rule is to know the clay’s cone size or firing temperature. Other than this, there are different clay bodies for wheel throwing.

The instructor will find out the best-suited clay bodies for you as a beginner wheel thrower because you tend to play with clay a bit longer. The reason is that the clay takes longer to center and pull. It’s like a baby starting to walk. The objective is to find your dream clay.

Connect with other potters

When you attend a pottery workshop or class, you get to connect with other potters. This is very helpful as you get the opportunity to exchange pottery-making ideas and tips learned along the way. People help and encourage each other, making pottery learning fun. It feels great to find a piece and show everyone as well as see what others have created.

Trying out different pottery tools

Pottery learning is not just about clay and pottery, but a lot more than that. There are different tools that you should be aware of to learn pottery completely. In a pottery class, you can try all the pottery tools without any hesitation.

You don’t have to invest in the tools without knowing about them. Trying out different pottery tools will help you find out which one you like and if it’s useful for you.

Pottery classes and workshops are important for everyone who wishes to become a professional potter, but they are more than important for new potters. It’s because learning even the basics of pottery making is a long and difficult process without an instructor. With online videos, you could end up making the mistake of getting into wrong habits that will prevent you from improving your ability to create.