Why Pottery Group Sessions Are Perfect for Team Building Activities

Businesses are increasingly searching for fresh approaches to motivate staff members and create genuine departmental relationships instead of boring “trust falls” or mandatory happy hours. When it comes to uniting teams and sparking creativity simultaneously,  pottery group sessions can be an innovative way.

Assisted pottery workshops offer a more enjoyable and tactile means of collaboration for coworkers than endless stuffy seminars in a hotel conference room. They also foster improved problem-solving and communication skills in a laid-back setting. Participants can unwind, loosen up around one another, and even tap into artistic talents they never knew existed as a collective.

Here is how ceramic group sessions can turn out to be an excellent move for team building activities.

Laughter in Pottery Group Sessions Builds Relationships

 Even in stuffy corporate environments, pottery projects can make people laugh with their occasional misshapen pieces emerging from kilns, dripping glazes gone wild, and wobbling wheels. There is nothing that breaks down barriers among team members more quickly than a good dose of humor and occasionally letting your guard down to laugh at yourself.

Creating Pottery Together Encourages Cooperation

Cleaning up together after group pottery sessions requires some real cooperation. Rinsing clay off tools, wiping down stations, and sweeping floors builds trust from working side-by-side positively. Having to collaborate to care for the studio space after creation reinforces good teamwork habits. Groups see that pitching collectively achieves results. These lessons can improve coordination when doing regular work tasks too.

Tapping into Creativity Sparks Innovative Thinking

Imagining original pottery designs requires teams to flex creative muscles and brainstorm solutions together. Being challenged to think about something new fosters out-of-the box thinking. When problem solving is also involved, applying this openness to creative ideas can help primary work projects later on. Teams remain mentally agile when they collaborate to generate novel ideas or strategies. 

Patience and Presence Build Understanding

Pottery needs patience. Carefully shaping bowls by hand, slowly smoothing edges, and waiting through kiln firing and cooling phases demands persistence and delayed gratification skills useful in professional settings too. Staying focused while collaborating face-to-face unplugged from technology, builds presence, listening abilities, and thoughtfulness when interacting. These habits create more empathy and connection within teams.

Collective Success in Pottery Sessions Boost Happiness

Completed pieces from pottery group sessions demonstrate the collective skills, endurance, humor, and hard work that went into making them together. Office spaces that have proudly displayed their final group clay projects for years serve as a constant reminder to teams of the successes they shared during enjoyable workshops. This boosts workplace morale and motivation in the long term.

If bringing your department closer together while boosting morale and capitalizing on strengths sounds worthwhile, booking an upcoming ceramic group session can be precisely the path to increased unity your team craves.

Get in touch with a professional pottery studio that offers workshops or pottery group sessions to strengthen understanding and happiness among your department.