Why Hotels and Restaurants Are Using Ceramics

Ceramics are gaining popularity in the kitchen and tableware industries like never before. You can easily find these versatile and lovely pieces standing out in stylish restaurants and inviting hotels. If you are a hotel or restaurant and are wondering why ceramics are being used, let’s find out.

They Have Stunning Aesthetic Appeal

It is easy to see why ceramic tableware and kitchenware are stealing the show with just one look. The wide range of ceramics’ shapes, styles, and vibrant colors can brighten up any dining experience. These pieces are truly extraordinary due to the final glazing process, which adds a gorgeous sheen and enhances the painted designs. With ceramic, every meal is served in style.

They Are Flexible and Reliable

In the restaurant industry, ceramic tableware is a real multipurpose item. They can be used in the stove, oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher without breaking a sweat. Your ceramic baking dish or oven pot is resistant to normal use. Just keep in mind to avoid sudden changes in temperature to avoid any cracking.

They Are an Enduring Delicacy

Ceramics are remarkably durable, despite appearing fragile. They can tolerate high temperatures, making them shatter-proof and perfect for items like plates, mugs, cups, and bowls that are prone to dropping. Abu Dhabi Pottery’s commissions for restaurants offer a range of ceramic kitchenware that is of the highest quality and durability, including mugs, bowls, dinner plates, and more.

They Are Toxin-Free and Health-Conscious

Ceramics have the great benefit of being toxic-free. They do not contain dangerous substances like PFOA, PTFE, lead, cadmium, or PFAS, which are present in some kitchenware and utensils made of metal. Ceramics are made from natural, organic materials. Also, the production process of high-temperature firing burns off any potential chemical compounds, guaranteeing that your food is free of toxins.

They Have Effortless, Non-Stick Surfaces

Instead of relying on Teflon coatings, ceramics provide naturally non-stick qualities. This guarantees that ingredients that burn stubbornly will not ruin your meals. These dishes are easy to clean with just warm, soapy water. This means your staff will not have to spend too much time cleaning them.

They Have Heat-Retentive Power

Ceramics are excellent conductors of heat and heat storage materials. Your ceramic frying pan requires less heat to fry food to perfection, and your ceramic tableware keeps food warm for a long time. Ceramic kitchenware emits far-infrared (FIR) energy, which guarantees thorough and even cooking.

Promoting Healthy Eating Habits

The non-stick coating and efficient heat conductivity of ceramic kitchenware allow you to cook with less oil. As a result, meals become healthier and contain fewer unhealthy fats, encouraging an active lifestyle for customers.

Hotels and restaurants are embracing ceramics wholeheartedly because they are truly useful. Choose genuine ceramic items from Abu Dhabi Pottery pottery commissions to enjoy all the benefits of ceramic tableware and kitchenware. Your hotel or restaurant can benefit in many ways from ceramic kitchenware and tableware. So what are you waiting for? Contact Abu Dhabi Pottery at +971 2 666 7079 for ceramic commissions for hotels and restaurants.

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