Why Attending a Glazing Workshop Is Better Than Watching Online Tutorials

With an internet connection, we have access to a great deal of resources and information. Online courses are now a well-liked method of learning new skills. Many people also try to learn to make glaze by just watching tutorials. While internet lessons might be helpful, attending glazing workshops can be a more gratifying and successful learning experience.

Here are a few reasons why it is so:

  1. Practical Experience:

When you attend glaze workshops, you get practical experience.

  • The materials can be physically handled, and you can put the skills you’re learning into practice.
  • This practical experience is essential for creating the muscle memory and comprehension required to successfully use glazing techniques.

The only thing that can be gained from watching an online tutorial is a visual demonstration; however, this does not allow for any practical application or correction.

  • Personalised Training:

You get the chance to receive professional instruction from an expert in the field in a glazing workshop.

  • Master Potter, such as Homa Farley, offers specific advice and constructive feedback to help you improve your abilities and fix any errors you make.
  • They can also answer any questions you might have then and there.

With online lessons, where the education is impersonal and generic, this individualised attention is not possible.

  • Quick Feedback:

You get immediate feedback on your work from the instructor during a glazing workshop.

  • Understanding where you need to improve and what you’re doing well with this feedback might be crucial.
  • It can help you correct mistakes and help you prevent harmful habits.

Online training can lead to improper procedures being performed and established because it does not offer rapid feedback.

  • Peer-to-Peer Learning

Attending a glazing workshop allows you to gain knowledge from peers who may have various techniques or skill levels.

  • You can collaborate with them to solve issues or try out new concepts.
  • You can also watch how they are doing things and learn from their ways.

Online lessons lack social interaction and peer learning, making this form of shared learning impossible.

  1. Obtaining Specialised Tools and Materials:

Glaze-making workshops often provide specialised equipment and supplies that may not be available or affordable for individual usage.

  • This access gives you the freedom to try out various tools and methods to see what works best for you.
  • Your instructor also supervises how you use these tools and help you wherever you might need them.

Online tutorials might not give you access to specialist equipment or resources, which could limit your ability to learn and experiment.

  • Motivation and Inspiration:

Attending a glazing session might inspire and motivate you to keep practising and picking up new abilities.

  • You might get motivated to keep improving your talents by the instructor’s and the other participants’ passion and energy.
  • This might lead to you knowing your potential and improving your skills.

The social and motivational components of learning are absent from online lessons, which may hinder motivation and development.

The benefits of attending a glazing workshop are many and can help you unleash your creativity. Are you ready to attend the workshop? Then Abu Dhabi Pottery has the most amazing glazing workshops for you. Contact us today and let your creativity fly.