We Are Now an Abu Dhabi Urban Treasure

We are thrilled to announce that Abu Dhabi Pottery has been named one of the UAE’s official Urban Treasures by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi)! We couldn’t be more proud to receive this accolade.

The Urban Treasures Event

The Urban Treasures awards ceremony was a remarkable event held at the Cultural Foundation on June 6, 2024. This annual initiative celebrates long-running businesses that have helped shape Abu Dhabi’s unique cultural identity and community spirit.

Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of DCT Abu Dhabi, presented the awards to 15 distinguished businesses across the emirate. The awardees are selected through public nominations, which are reviewed by DCT Abu Dhabi to ensure they meet the set criteria of being in business for at least 20 years.

“Urban Treasures initiative preserves and promotes Abu Dhabi’s unique cultural identity and reflects the great emotional significance these 15 establishments have held for our community for over 20 years,” said Al Mubarak. “They hold nostalgia for times past while remaining anchors of the community to this day.”

As Al Mubarak said, Urban Treasures are the establishments that have “witnessed the capital’s growth and contributed to the identity and vitality of our neighborhoods.”

We are truly humbled that Abu Dhabi Pottery has been recognized as one such community’s anchor.

The Moment of Pride

Master Potter and the founder of Abu Dhabi Pottery, Homa Vafaie Farley, expressed with joy, “I feel very proud and privileged to receive this recognition after all these years of handwork”. She added, “Over the years, we have also taught hundreds of thousands of students. A lot of my previous students are actually here, some of them from 25 years ago, to celebrate this milestone, so it’s really an amazing feeling.”

For Abu Dhabi Pottery, the true reward has been sharing our passion for this ancient art form through pottery classes for all ages and watching students discover their creative spirits.

This Urban Treasures recognition isn’t just for Abu Dhabi Pottery though. It’s for all of you – the students, the teachers, the family, and the friends who have walked through our doors over the years. You’ve all played a vital role in this journey and in shaping the warm, vibrant culture that defines our pottery studio.

So, let’s raise our mugs (or maybe fire up the kiln and craft some ceremonial cups!) and toast to the past, present, and future of Abu Dhabi’s Urban Treasures. We’ve got more creative adventures awaiting on the horizon!