Valentine Special: Celebrating the Season of Love with Pottery Sessions

The season of love is already here and we are feeling it too. At Abu Dhabi Pottery, we are excited to host special Valentine’s Day pottery sessions for couples.

Whether you know the basics of pottery or are completely unaware of how to work with clay, we welcome you to join our pottery sessions on Valentine’s Day.

Creating pottery with your loved one is one of the most unique and special ways to have a fun time together. A pottery session is a blissful activity to attend with your lover or friend in a positive and delightful environment at our pottery studio.

What to Expect During Valentine’s Day Pottery Sessions

What to Expect During Valentine’s Day Pottery Sessions

We will start by sharing the basics of pottery, and teaching how to work with clay along with different hand-building techniques. You will then learn the process of kneading and wedging the clay. It is your choice whether you wish to make a heart-shaped plate, mug, or something else.

We will first give you a detailed demonstration. Then, it will be your turn to make a hand-built piece, under the guidance of a friendly trained potter. When you become successful in creating a pottery item, we will also fire (cook) it for you.

We can also personalize the pottery session if you have basic knowledge and pottery skills.

Whether you are looking forward to just trying your hands on pottery or taking a finished pottery piece as a memento of love, we can assure you of one thing – there will be plenty of time to enjoy and have playful banter.

No prior experience in pottery is needed.

Book Your Slot for a Valentine’s Day Pottery Session Now

At Abu Dhabi Pottery, we offer pottery classes to people of all ages. So, feel comfortable to come and join our pottery sessions on Valentine’s Day or throughout Valentine’s Week. Experience the thrill of get your hands dirty in clay and make something artistic with your partner. The pottery pieces that you and your partner will finish will be ready for pickup later.

Space is limited for couples’ pottery sessions. So, make sure you reserve your slot for pottery sessions for couples in advance.

You can book your slot:
• Over the phone at +971 2 666 7079
• Via WhatsApp at +971 55400 9054
• Via email at
• Send us a DM @abudhabipottery on Instagram

We look forward to making your Valentine’s Day extra special and memorable.