ReviewAE – The Art of Pottery in Abu Dhabi

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Interested in pottery or want to develop your pottery skills and release your creative potential? This is the perfect guide for you. Whether you’re an Abu Dhabi citizen or a tourist visiting the city, this guide will walk you through the best pottery studios and workshops in the capital.

Pottery at Abu Dhabi Pottery Establishment

Abu Dhabi Pottery Establishment is the capital’s first and oldest pottery studio, established in 1994. It is the perfect place for everything pottery related. Whether you’re looking for pottery and ceramics classes, pottery equipment and even repairs, they have it all!

Abu Dhabi Pottery

Classes at Abu Dhabi Pottery EST

Abu Dhabi Pottery establishment is our go-to studio for all things pottery. They offer a wide variety of classes and workshops for both adults and children from ages 5+. Everyone is welcome!

We loved that classes were divided into 3 sections based on your ability level and age. We booked their single 2-hour session and were surprised by the amount of information and techniques we were able to grasp while still enjoying our time.  

 Classes are catered to everyone’s needs, whether you’re looking for a quick one-time session as a day activity, like we did, or you are looking to take the art of pottery and carving seriously with courses up to 12 sessions! 

The most affordable pottery studio in Abu Dhabi

We found the rates to be quite reasonable for a one-time class given that all the equipment was included. Also, with the techniques we learned we were able to master pottery in the spam of the 2 hour class.

Prices vary depending on the class/course you wish to take, with a starting price of 155 AED up to 1,980 AED for adults and a starting price of 120 AED to 1,450 AED for children.  

All bookings for 10-12 sessions includes a free 2-hour session for a friend of family, perfect for a fun activity. All tools are included free of charge. 

What do they offer?

Not only does the studio offer classes and workshops, they also offer pottery equipment, tools and materials for sale for those who would like to indulge in the art of pottery in the comfort of their own home. Anything from pottery wheels to safety wear. We bought some extra clay and carving equipment from their supply shop to be able to apply the steps we learnt in the class at home. The studio also offers repairs and restoration for broken china or pottery. Anything pottery related? They have it all!

Abu Dhabi Pottery Bowl


Abu Dhabi Pottery Establishment is located at Dabbas St. (Street 16) opposite of Khalediya Garden, Abu Dhabi. Open everyday (expect Friday’s) from 10AM – 9PM.