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“Abu Dhabi Pottery is the most wonderful, welcoming, and nurturing studio. If you ever thought you might enjoy pottery, this creative environment has to be experienced.”

Teaching Pottery

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What You’ll Learn in Pottery Class:

Beginners will start by learning how to prepare clay and will be given a short lecture on the various stages of pottery and ceramic making, firing and glazing.

You will first learn hand-building and then the basics of learning to make a pot on the potter’s wheel, or improving your current skills, also learning to throw larger, better pots, also learning all aspects of glazing etc.

The students are introduced to various methods and techniques of pottery and ceramics; they can work at their own pace and choose the technique which they prefer to concentrate on. They will be encouraged to finish, paint and glaze their own pieces. The element of design will also be discussed with the more advanced students.

Please note:  All levels of students are welcome to participate in the above course as it can be adapted for the needs of beginners, intermediate to advanced. Anyone can join any class at any time, so long as booking is made in advance.

Adult Class Fees

Children’s Class Fees

All glazing sessions are CONSIDERED AS EXTRA sessions and are to be booked and paid for in advance.

Please call: 02 666 7079  or email.

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