Pottery Restoration Service in Abu Dhabi 

Porcelain Doll repair and restoration

If you have broken or chipped a favourite piece of china, pottery, or an item from a set, all you need to do is restore it with our pottery repair service. 

Master Potter Homa Farley, one of the noted 69 Glasgow School of Art Alumni, is professionally trained in the art of restoration of ceramics. If you have broken a special piece of ceramics or pottery, whether it is new or ancient, Homa can restore it.  

For ceramic repair service, please email us a photo of the broken piece and hold on to all the pieces and we will be able to send you a quotation.  

Homa is a magician ! She fixed a very intricate and delicate statue that was gifted to me by my father. The piece had a lot of sentimental value and I was devastated when it broke after my son kicked a football and caused it to fall and break. Homa said she would try her best to put it back together but her work was beyond my expectation …. so neat and tidy. I cannot thank her enough!!!

Niki Samnani


I recently had a very rare Supergirl statue delivered to me via DHL. Unfortunately, it was not packed well and was damaged during transit. So I asked a professional ceramicist to try and restore it for me.

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To start off, let me first talk a bit about the statue. The statue in question was sculpted by someone living in the Philippines, under a brand named “Moonlyte Studios”. There’s very little to find about this company. What I could gather is that the kits sold for $600-$750. The statues come unpainted, and require the work of a professional artist. However, the molds were ruined and were never re-made. Searching online for these figures will yield very few results, mostly in the hands of avid Supergirl collectors.

I was devastated when I found the figure was damaged during the shipping. But after seeing how it was packed, I was not surprised. The seller provided no packing and did nothing to ensure the figure did not move during transport. Contrary to popular belief, it is always better to ensure a figure does not move, rather than jiggle around in the box. The damage to the figure was extensive, particularly the cape. You can see some pictures below:

The cape completely broke off from the main body of the figure. In fact, it shattered during transport:


Figures like these are rare, not to mention expensive. As an avid collector of Supergirl figures, I wasn’t going to write this figure off. I wanted to find someone experienced and competent enough to be able to restore this figure to its former glory. Living in the UAE, I knew that would be a challenge. Finding people that do restorations is hard enough, let-alone finding competent people.

After searching online and calling a few places up, I came across Homa Farley, a ceramicist living in Dubai who also teaches pottery to students. I spoke to her a bit over the phone and she asked whether she could look at the figure in person. She seemed confident that she could restore the figure (and had the appropriate credentials to back it up).

The following day, I visited her home and showed her the damaged figure. She gave me a quote for a price for repair, and said it would take around 2-3 weeks for the repair to be complete. I dropped the figure off and hoped for the best.

A week later, I received a text from her. She said that she had completed the restoration and asked me to pick it up. I went the same day to pick it up, slightly anxious on the quality of work done. Now, here’s the whole “yay” part of this post. The work she did was absolutely perfect. Not only did she restore the figure and match the colors, she made the repaired seams almost invisible. She even modified the statue (with my consent) to further stabilize the figure to prevent it from breaking accidentally.

Repairs & Restoration Supergirl

As you can see, from the front, the figure looks perfect. There are no signs of restoration on the figure. With regards to the modification made, you can see it circled below:

In the above picture, she added a little bit of material, which attached the cape to the bottom of the skirt. She said that adding this would be unnoticeable (which it was). However, adding this would provide greater support for the cape. This would prevent the cape from breaking off accidentally. However, adding this was completely up to me. I chose to take her advice, as she had experience in doing restorations. I actually expected her to add a lot more material. But I’m really glad that the change was subtle. Very unnoticeable unless you’re actually looking for it.

The bottom of the cape also broke off. It had a hairline fracture which I had forgotten to take a picture of. Here is the work she did on that:


Repairs & Restoration Supergirl
Cape repair

It is pretty much invisible, and the figure appears to be in mint condition – a sign of someone with a lot of experience.

In addition to the fair price she asked for the restoration, and the lovely, high quality of work, Homa and her husband are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Extremely friendly, very easy to talk to and just an all-round pleasure to deal with. I have never had such a positive interaction with another person before.

If you are living in Dubai and want to learn pottery, need restorations done, or anything else which may require the expertise of an experienced ceramicist, I highly suggest contacting her.

Her work clearly demonstrates not only experience, but a genuine passion for what she does. She clearly cares about the quality of her work, and this shows across everything she has done. You could not ask for a better mentor than her.

Once again, if you are reading this, thank you very much Homa, for a job well-done. I could not have asked for anything better!

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Why It Is Better to Restore Than Replace Pottery 

Sentimental Value 

Many pottery pieces hold special memories or were gifts from loved ones. A ceramic restoration service can preserve these irreplaceable items and the stories they carry. 


High-quality or antique pottery can be expensive to replace. A pottery repair service is usually more affordable, saving you money while keeping your cherished items 

Environmental Friendly 

Repairing pottery reduces waste. Instead of throwing away broken pieces and buying new ones, a pottery repair service helps you reuse and extend the life of your ceramics. 

Preserving History 

Old or antique pottery often has historical value. A professional ceramic repair service can restore these pieces, maintaining their authenticity and historical significance. 

Do you have a broken or cracked pottery that was given to you by someone special or holds a sentimental value? We understand that how hard it can be to give up on such pottery pieces.  

Send us a picture of your cracked or broken pottery at mail@abudhabipottery.com and we’ll send you the quotation and let you know how we can help you with our ceramic restoration services. 

Why Choose Abu Dhabi Pottery’s Ceramic Restoration Service?  

Once you get to know about our years of experience and the wide range of expertise we have, you will not think twice before choosing our ceramic repair service.  

  1. 30+ Years of Experience 

Abu Dhabi Pottery is the UAE’s first-ever modern pottery studio, founded by Master Potter Homa Vafaie Farley in 1994.   

  1. Our Seasoned Team 

We have a group of seasoned ceramic specialists who are enthusiastic about pottery and committed to imparting their wisdom and abilities to others.  

  1. Quality Pottery Repair

Home Farley is an award-winning Master Potter known for high-end pottery skills, including pottery restoration services. Be it a small piece or a large pottery item, she can breathe a new life into your pottery.   

For us, pottery is an art, and as artists, our passion and respect for ceramics are immense. Our pottery repair service is designed to take care of your precious pottery with all our hearts and do our best to restore it.  

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