Children’s Weekly Classes

Children love playing with clay and letting their creativity find form. There are many items that they can easily learn to make, from small sculptures, trinkets & jewellery to plaques, pots & bowls, decorated with patterns, imprints & coloured glazes.

Who should attend?
All children above age 5 can attend.
We offer a fun, friendly and safe environment that enables children to develop skills and release their creative potential, in a fully equipped professional studio.

Course outline
Children will start by learning about how to use clay to create various pieces. They will also be given a short introduction about various stages of creating pottery and ceramics.
They will be introduced to various techniques of pottery and well as designing their pieces. They will be able to work at their own pace while being encouraged and supported. After the pots are fired by us they will be taught to colour their pieces in their favourite colours.

Children’s Class:
Every Day Except Friday & Public Sector Holidays
Saturday to Thursday; Flexi classes (space permitting) first class 10 am last class at 7 pm. 1-hour session per child

Fees & Booking:

Please call: 02 666 7079
Mobile 0505581584 or email.

A single child’s class includes 150 gm of clay.

(Dhs inc. VAT)
Child Fees
(1-hour sessions)
Single Session 126
Per 4 Sessions 441
Per 12 sessions


Childrens weekly pottery classes in Abu Dhabi

Children's Pottery projects at Abu Dhabi Pottery

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