UAE agents for PotteryCrafts equipment & materials

Pottery Equipment & Materials

We are the agents in the U.A.E. for PotteryCrafts UK - suppliers of pottery equipment plus pottery materials.
Pottery demonstration for college students

Training & Lectures

We can provide the following for schools, colleges, art groups and individual potters: Teaching Health and Safety Procedures: The safe handling, storage & use of clays,...
China and Pottery Repair service

Repairs & Restoration

POTTERY REPAIR SERVICE If you have broken or chipped a favourite piece of china or pottery, or one item in a set, we will do...
Consultants on Setting up Pottery Studios

Consultants on Setting up Pottery Studios

Design & layout of studios; Specification of equipment, tools & materials; Training and information on health and safety in the studio;
Commission for a set of large pots


We are happy to accept commissions to design and create individual bespoke pieces for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, as well...