Commission for a set of large pots


We are happy to accept commissions to design and create individual bespoke pieces for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, as well...
Pottery demonstration for college students

Training & Lectures

We can provide the following for schools, colleges, art groups and individual potters: Teaching Health and Safety Procedures: The safe handling, storage & use of clays,...
UAE agents for PotteryCrafts equipment & materials

Pottery Equipment & Materials

We are the agents in the U.A.E. for PotteryCrafts UK - suppliers of pottery equipment plus pottery materials.
Consultants on Setting up Pottery Studios

Consultants on Setting up Pottery Studios

Design & layout of studios; Specification of equipment, tools & materials; Training and information on health and safety in the studio;
Porcelain Doll repair and restoration

Repairs & Restoration

If you have broken or chipped a favourite piece of china or pottery, or one item in a set, we will do our best to restore it.