Children’s Weekly Classes

Childrens Classes

Children love playing with clay and letting their creativity find form. There are many items that they can easily learn to make, from small sculptures, trinkets & jewellery to plaques, pots & bowls, decorated with patterns, imprints & coloured glazes.



A few specialised workshops are held throughout the year, concentrating on specific areas such as: Throwing on the potter’s wheel | Hand building | Using Paper Clay |  Raku | Glazing techniques | Glaze making, Basic & Advanced | Kiln loading & various types of firing etc. Dates for particular events will be posted here … Read more

Pottery Classes

Teaching Pottery

You will first learn hand-building and then the basics of learning to make a pot on the potter’s wheel, or improving your current skills, also learning to throw larger, better pots, also learning all aspects of glazing etc.

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