Commission for a set of large pots

20 Questions with… Master Potter – Homa Farley

My name is Homa Farley I moved to the UK when I was a teenager in order to study English. I met and married my husband Michael Farley and together we have two children Neusha who is also a potter living in Spain and Peter who lives in Los Angles.
Homa Farley, the brain behind Abu Dhabi Pottery, says pottery making is therapeutic. “When you work with clay, you forget everything and go into Zen mode,” she says.

Gulf News – Abu Dhabi Pottery:

Opened all the way back in 1994, arts institution Abu Dhabi Pottery continues to attract residents who want to express themselves with clay. In the last 24 years, the organisation has been trying to keep this earliest forms of human artistic production alive.
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Detail of pottery artwork by Homa

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