Can I Make Pottery for a Living in the UAE?

Do you wonder if you can earn money with pottery? The answer is yes but it is not going to be that easy. Pottery is an art of passion, dedication, and sheer hard work. Throwing on wheels, achieving that perfect shape and making pottery that wins heart is no easy feat and takes years of practice and learning. It is going to require you to spend a significant amount of time to learn and practice.

Unless you are learning from the best, you will find it nearly impossible to make pottery that sells. So, if you aim to become a potter in the UAE, your first step must be to join pottery classes taught by Master Potters in the UAE.

Here is what you can do to increase your chances of becoming a professional potter in the UAE:

  • Join Pottery Classes

Pottery is an art and a skill that doesn’t come easy. In addition to willingness and dedication, you need to learn pottery only from the best potters in the country. Make sure you learn only from the best potters. Don’t hesitate to buy pottery equipment and materials to practice pottery at home. Make sure that where you join pottery classes, they tailor the learning according to your ability.

  • Learn Different Techniques of Pottery

If you are serious about making living with your pottery talent, you will need to cultivate and polish your pottery skills by learning different techniques for making and decorating pottery. So, don’t stop with basic pottery classes. Look forward to attending advanced pottery classes as well.

This way, you will be able to attract customers with different styles and personal preferences. Since more homeowners now focus on home décor, your unique and beautiful pottery items will surely find a way to be the centre of attraction.

  • Practice, Practice, and Practice

Pottery is an art that is going to need your complete focus and years of practice. Pottery for beginners is the start of a wonderful creative journey with zeal and full excitement. However, most people prefer pottery as a hobby to find moments of solace and de-stress themselves.

When you aim to become a professional potter, you will need to practice pottery several hours a day every day for years to achieve professionalism in pottery. So, you will also need to be patient when it comes to developing pottery skills.

Even though every second or third person wishes to learn pottery and like to do pottery as a hobby, very few people from around the world choose to become a professional potter. Unless someone has a deep passion for pottery and is willing to put all his/her time and effort into this art form, he/she might find it very difficult to run a successful business as a professional potter.  It is because pottery needs you to be fully present, highly skilled, creative, dedicated, and hardworking.

Do you need to build or polish your pottery skills? Learn pottery from the first-ever modern pottery classes in the UAE taught by Master Potters.