Children’s Weekly Classes

Childrens Classes

Children love playing with clay and letting their creativity find form. There are many items that they can easily learn to make, from small sculptures, trinkets & jewellery to plaques, pots & bowls, decorated with patterns, imprints & coloured glazes.

Gulf News – Abu Dhabi Pottery:

Homa Farley, the brain behind Abu Dhabi Pottery, says pottery making is therapeutic. “When you work with clay, you forget everything and go into Zen mode,” she says.

Opened all the way back in 1994, arts institution Abu Dhabi Pottery continues to attract residents who want to express themselves with clay.

In the last 24 years, the organisation has been trying to keep this earliest forms of human artistic production alive.

December Offers – 2017

Adult Pottery session at Abu Dhabi Pottery

Bring a Friend for Free Book a single session and you can bring a friend free of charge only pay 20 AED for clay Family / Group Sessions Family of 4 will enjoy reduced rate and only pay for 3 persons when booking single session



A few specialised workshops are held throughout the year, concentrating on specific areas such as: Throwing on the potter’s wheel | Hand building | Using Paper Clay |  Raku | Glazing techniques | Glaze making, Basic & Advanced | Kiln loading & various types of firing etc. Dates for particular events will be posted here … Read more

Pottery Classes

Teaching Pottery

You will first learn hand-building and then the basics of learning to make a pot on the potter’s wheel, or improving your current skills, also learning to throw larger, better pots, also learning all aspects of glazing etc.

Homa Vafaie-Farley

Homa Vafaie-Farley

  Homa is currently living and working in the United Arab Emirates.  She was born in Tehran and left Iran for the UK as a teenager in order to study English. She has since lived in various countries around the world. Her influences have come from ancient Middle Eastern pottery and ceramics and training with … Read more

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