We Are Now an Abu Dhabi Urban Treasure

We are thrilled to announce that Abu Dhabi Pottery has been named one of the UAE’s official Urban Treasures by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi)! We couldn’t be more proud to receive this accolade. The Urban Treasures Event The Urban Treasures awards ceremony was a remarkable event held … Read more

Advance Your Pottery Skills in 2024

pottery group sessions

Pottery is more popular than ever before, and there are good reasons for it. Shaping clay into beautiful, useful artwork is incredibly fulfilling. The year 2024 presents a perfect opportunity to take up pottery as a hobby or improve upon your current skills.  At Abu Dhabi Pottery, you will earn hand building techniques, wheel-throwing methods, … Read more

Why Pottery Group Sessions Are Perfect for Team Building Activities

Discovering the Art of Pottery A Beginner’s Guide to Take Pottery Classes

Businesses are increasingly searching for fresh approaches to motivate staff members and create genuine departmental relationships instead of boring “trust falls” or mandatory happy hours. When it comes to uniting teams and sparking creativity simultaneously,  pottery group sessions can be an innovative way. Assisted pottery workshops offer a more enjoyable and tactile means of collaboration … Read more

Benefits of Commissioning Ceramics for Hotels and Restaurants 

pottery commissions

If you are a hotel or restaurant owner looking to enhance the decor and dining experience of your place, commissioning bespoke ceramics is your answer. You can directly commission potters and ceramic artists to create one-of-a-kind items, which can greatly benefit your hospitality business in many ways.  Make a Unique Style Statement  Ceramics commissions for … Read more

Learn New Skills in 2024: Join Pottery Classes

pottery classes

As the new year dawns, inspiration strikes to learn new abilities and unlock our creative potential. If developing your artistic spirit while building practical skills sounds enticing, the turn of the calendar presents the best moment to dive into the sensory art of pottery. Clay Play Opens Up New Creative Avenues Shaping formless clay into … Read more