Adults’ Weekly Classes

Who should attend?
From beginners to experienced potters, every student is taught individually according to their ability, so we have a programme that is right for you. Conducted in our fully equipped and welcoming studio you’ll join like-minded people, and learn about designing and creating with clay and glazes.

Course outline:

Beginners: You will start by learning how to prepare clay and will be given a short lecture on the various stages of pottery and ceramic making, firing and glazing, before getting your hands on the clay and making your first pot.
You will be introduced to various methods and techniques of pottery and ceramics; working at your own pace you will be encouraged and supported. You will then choose your favourite technique to concentrate on and develop. You will be encouraged to finish, paint and glaze your own pieces.
As you progress you will learn to make a pot on the potter’s wheel as well as developing your hand-building techniques.   You’ll also learn to throw larger pots and all aspects of glazing.

Intermediate to Advanced Students: For the more experienced potter we will meet with you to assess your ability and requirements, together we will develop a personalised programme to enable you to achieve your creative desires, including the more advanced elements of design.

Adults’ Class Times:
Flexi classes (space permitting) first class 10 am last class 7 pm. 2 hour session per adult

Fees & Booking:

Please call: 02 666 7079
Mobile 0505581584 or email.

(Dhs inc. VAT)
Adult Fees
(2-hour sessions)
Single Session
includes 1/2kg clay
Per 4 Sessions 672
Per 12 sessions

* Includes 2 extra sessions of studio time

Material Fees for Adults:
Single session includes half Kg of clay.
For all other adult sessions, clay can be bought at an extra fee of 45 Aed per kg which includes the cost of clay, bisque and glaze firing.

Some examples of students’ pottery artworks:


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